The second day is under way

We got to the facility early this morning. We all were very excited knowing we were high in the order to get our submarine in the water for final trimming. We got the submarine ready very quickly and it was lowered into the pool. We passed our final wet safety test easily and received permission from the dive supervisor to get ready for our first run which happens to be the first run of the competition. The starting signal was given and Talon 1 took off fast from the starting gate. Pilot Chris Nunes then began to enter the large U-turn section of the course. Around the apex of the turn he lost sight of the course markings and crashed into a lane marker. The run was cancelled and the submarine was towed back. The course marking pole did some damage to the submarine, bending two of the four rear fins. The course officials then decided to make more impact forgiving course marker poles so this does not happen to other teams. It was also decided to make the course line more visible, for it to be easier for the submarines to follow. Before lunch we handed the bent fins to the Qintiq machine shop supervisor. After a quick lunch we were greeted by the same person with our repaired fins in hand. In short time the submarine was back in order to race again. We are excited for a few more runs today, seeing the Chris already hit a speed of 4.77 knots on a much shorter course and without full physical exertion. We will post further updates of today’s results as soon as possible.