The Finals

The day started with an annoucement about a change for the last day of racing. There would now be a set order for the boats to race, this was going to limit the number of runs we were going to be able to race. Nick Morley was up again for the first race. The run was an abort because of a foam issue that made him unable to pedal. After a wait for the rest of the crafts to make another run Nick was eager to race again. The run started off well be he could not complete the long sweeping turn. The new fins caused him to oversteer towards the wall.
We were now running out of time and had to get a clean run in to compete for the days standing. Chris Nunes was back up and ready to run. he had a near flawless run with impressive speed. This was the end of the regular racing. It was then decided to switch back to the orginal fins. In a total time of 18 minutes the team recovered the boat from the water, switched the fins, and relaunched the boat.

The race coordinator then decided to let the teams run a double lap around the course. This was done after we jokingly offered the challenege to the race staff. With the roginall fims in Chris expertly piloted the submarine around the course. With an overall time under 2 minutes 30 seconds and a speed exceeding our orginal record of 6.814 knots.
At the awards ceremony it was announced that we came in first for agility at the competition. We also received the award for having teh fastest lap of the second day of racing. These and other factors combined to give us an overall score of 82.7 behind Omer 8’s 83.3. The submarine is now packed up and will be heading back to Miami and we are all heading off in different directions. This marks the end of our journey and we thank those who followed along.