Talon JR July 2014

beach test 5

Talon Jr is currently being constructed!

Ian M is heading the Hull Chair- He has the molds in the shop & is ready to go the only thing hold him back is the Vac Pump not working with him. To my understanding he had some test samples set up and the pump could not handle the 8 hours of time at 25 barr. He was going to talk to Fred about it & if something on the pump is off or if we need a more powerful pump for this project. The molds will need to be waxed, all the fun of making making the molds along with the final fittings will need to occur rapidly. After we have the ‘exoskeleton’ of Talon JR, it will need to be prepped until it has a smooth hull and eventually have windows, hatches and contain all the inter working parts of the submarine! Ian is a full time student, works and is active in SNAME but always keeps me updated- Wait to go and Thank you for your had work!

Hull Committee: Ian M, Pedro, Jackie, Youkendy

Chancey K has been heading the Electronics of the FAU-BoatII after the Great Mike Neal & Chris Nunes. Let me tell you it is no easy task picking up someones old complex code, sorting it out, understanding it and debugging it! My 6-1-14 updates are that the Stepper Motors Program will not confirm, sometimes it will allow the motors to move but will not move properly and a position feed back control is in the process of being formed. A library is being formed of code commands as well! Thank you! Chancey will be going a in detail show all tell all when I get back from DC (Aug 5th) to the Engineering Chair of FAU!

Electronics Committee: Chancey, Cullen, Harold

Mike P is now heading Drive Train! Congrats!

Christie L will be heading Propulsion- Congrats!!! along with Steven S.

Please Stay tuned for more update as well as our first meeting of the school year! Any Questions please contact myself, Danielle at dkolber@fau.edu!