T-minus 16 hours until spalsh down!

After we all finally met up in the caravan park and got acquainted to our lodging we met up with a few of our competitors both from the United States and the University of Bath. Our hosts from the University of Bath then graciously treated us to a meal. We then spent some time with our UK counterparts. Sleep came easy for most; a majority of us got an hour of sleep over the last two days’ worth of traveling. The weather here is far from what we are used to in South Florida. The weather has been around 17 Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit for those who are still stateside). This morning we went to the Quinti-Q facility to check on our submarine. Talon 1 survived it’s international journey. The crate and it’s contents looked exactly like it did when we packed it back in Boca Raton. We found no reason to bring the submarine back to the caravan park and finish work like the rest of the teams. After lunch we did some exploring in Gosport. We ran across the ‘Royal Navy Submarine Museum’ there we ran into something amongst all of the artifacts that hit close to home. It was a vessel from the 3rd International Submarine Races (ISR)! We are excited for the competition to start tomorrow. The agenda for tomorrow will be final assembly of the submarine and safety inspections. Keep checking in!