Start your engines!

The International Submarine Races has begun! It has been a long few days for the crew. Members have been working to get ready for the races around the clock for the past week. After one final all night session we hit the road towards Bethesda 8 A.M. Saturday morning. We experienced some serious weather systems and a few trailer electrical malfunctions along the way, Nothing a smart crew of submariners couldn’t solve. We arrived at the Hotel around 2:30 A.M. After a few hours of sleep and some hot coffee we brought the trailer carrying our two submarines to the Naval Sea Warfare Center Carderock Division. We had the trailer unloaded and the submarines ready in no time. By the end of the Sunday our support divers and Talon1 are ready to go in the water. Monday we will get Talon1 in the water and hopefully have the FAU-Boat II ready for initial testing. We are to get in the water tomorrow and start making history.
We will be posting more in-depth updates of the week’s events as it unfolds. Keep checking back, The postings will be going up every night.
Until then,
-Mariner Mike