Results June 29, 2013

We worked late into the night and we had a functional steering system. We got to base early and had the boats in the water in a quick fashion. By 10:00 AM we were set up for our first run with the FAU-Boat II piloted by Andrew Spence with Chris Nunes in the back of the sub. The boat took off the line with amazing speed. Unfortunately the sub could not hold a straight line because of (another) steering malfunction. The boat crashed into the bottom corner of the basin and shattered (what we thought to be) our polycarbonate nose cone. We fitted the sub quickly with the spare (polycarbonate) nosecone. We were back in the water again and ready for a second race. This time Chris Nunes piloted in the front and Logan Furr was in the back. This time the sub had a straighter line, but it was not before long when then submarine lost control and went back into the wall. We fixed the nosecone with ample amounts of duct tape and the steering. We had one final race to bring our battered submarine across the finish line. It was not before long when our steering gave out for the final time making us abort the run.
At the awards dinner we received the award for best use of composites for the woven basalt used to make the FAU-Boat hull. We also received 3rd place for overall speed with a speed of 6.62 knots. 2nd place was taken by a team with a speed of 6.70 knots but did not finish the run. Also, even though there was a mistake in the initial awarding for fastest female pilot, Jen Frame should be receiving that award with a speed of 5.09 knots. This is the end of the 12th ISR. We did not do as well as we hoped for, but we all learned valuable lessons and the team has the fire burning to destroy the next race.