Pushing closer to victory

The submarine was ready to go when we arrived at the facility. The race coordinators changed the course layout overnight making forming a slalom on the back end of the course. The first run with the slalom was unsuccessful, FAU was up next. Nicole Perry was the first pilot to successfully navigate the course fault free. Michael Christopher Neal ran the course with brilliant speed hitting 5.3 knots and a near flawless run. Near flawless because he did not see the finish line and gave the finish net a good stress testing. Nicole Perry was then up for a second try at the course and again navigated the slalom perfectly with an overall time of 1:20 and a speed of 3.77 knots (unofficial).
During lunch we switched Talon1’s rear fins out for an unproven set we brought with us. The change and a few more repairs did not take much time. After lunch Chris Nunes was the test pilot for the now unproven craft. Chris took off with was with the fastest speed we have seen yet. He blazed through the course into the turn, His speed was too great for the aggressive line he was trying to follow and he whipped off course. Nicholas Morley was next up to pilot. There was a ballasting problem because of the hurry to switch pilots. This was the end of the days racing.
We received the scores at the end of the day. We are currently holding 2nd place behind team Omer and only 3 points behind. If we have the fastest time tomorrow there is a good chance of getting first place overall!