One day closer to a world record

Today was an historious day. Not long after we arrived on base we had the U-boat II completely assembled and ready for the team picture and dry inspection. While half of the team was assembling the U-boat II the other half had Talon1 back in the queue and racing. The first run of the morning was done by Senior, Andrew Spence. Even with a shoe becoming un IMG_2632





IMG_2606clipped and a shoulder strap falling off Andrew had a time of 6.33. During this time the U-boat II passed dry inspection and preparations begun for the wet-test. The U-boat II was in the water and trimmed in no time. The boat was then taken out of the water for final preparations.
Andrew was quickly back behind the joystick for Talon1. With a fast and straight run Andrew scored 6.62 knots, this is the current fastest time for FAU. Andrew had one more run for the day, with a speed of 5.89 knots. Next up to pilot Talon 1 was experience pilot, Chris Nunes. Chris ran back to back runs of 5.83 and 6.19 knots. This brought us to the end of racing.
After the wet test of the U-boat II we discovered a small leak on one of the consoles containing the microprocessor and pilot screen. Luckily the leak was not fatal, but took most of the afternoon to re-seal and dry the components. We then discovered a calibration issue between the fin motors and the joystick. We are currently trouble shooting the system (11PM) back at our room. Hopefully by tomorrow we will have a fully functioning submarine.
With team Omer breaking the world record in the one-man propeller driven class with a speed of 7.29 knots our efforts have been directed towards the U-boat. We believe with the U-boat II working as planned taking the overall speed prize and possibly the world record for this class (just over 8 knots) is very possible. Tomorrow (Thursday) will be the final day of racing that counts towards the judged portion of the event.

Since this was posted from out hotel room/electronics lab, I will now upload a plethora of pictures. Enjoy.
Mighty Mike.