I apologize for the late posting. As you can imagine, Tuesday was yet another busy day of racing and getting the two-man ready to go in the water, and the whole team went to bed soon after eating dinner. Talon 1 got 4 runs in total, with two good runs by our pilot, Omar. On his first run he reached a speed of 5.09 knots, followed by our fastest run yet at 6.44 knots. Although this is nearing our fastest speed of 6.814 knots, we have a ways to go to beat the current first place team, Omer 8, who reached a speed of 7.19 knots. Another new pilot, Jamani tried for a run, but unfortunately aborted when he thought he saw a wire in the water. Lastly Sami, a new female pilot, also tried for a run but lost steering and surfaced leading to an aborted run. Talon 1 had a slow speed crash with Sami’s run, but only suffered minor scuffs on the top of the bow.
While half of the team was racing, the other half continued to work on the FAU-Boat II. We felt as if we were having a race of our own to get the two-man in the water for a buoyancy test. The sub is mostly assembled with some awesome looking side windows, and the stickers for our sponsors on it. Overall it is looking great! Unfortunately at about 4:30pm, we were ready to test it, but the ISR personnel told us that it was too late. The FAU-Boat II should be going in the water first thing Wednesday morning instead. We are all very anxious to see it get wet, and hopefully start racing by the afternoon.

Majestic Mike

*EDIT: Sorry for the lack of pictures, this was posted via a smartphone’s mobile hotspot (too slow to upload Hi-res Shots. I will upload TONS tonight (coffee willing)