First day of the EISR

This morning we got an early start. Around 7:30 a.m. we were transported to the facility by some of the volunteers (driving on the wrong side of the road). After a short briefing with the event organizers and the people who operate the test tank, QinetiQ, we were underway. In short time the submarine was unpacked right proper on top of its trolley. After a long bout of fixing the submarine dressings we took a short respite for some tea and wedges. After our lunch we continued tuning the craft to perfection. Talon 1 passed the safety and judges’ inspections with high marks. All the divers were able to get qualified in the cold cold water. After we were given rides back to the caravan park we made way to the dinner event. The event was held at the same submarine that we explored yesterday. It was a well put together event and we got to socialize and network with our competition, judges and other special guests. During which time we were given a tour of the HMS Alliance. This is the last existing WWII era submarine in the UK. The tour was very informative and gave a look into what it meant to be a submariner in the WWII era. We are excited to get the submarine in the water tomorrow.