FAU’s last stand June 2013

Human Powered Submarine Enthusiasts,
Today was a dark day for submarine kind. After our code guru (aka Mike Neal) pulling an all nighter to work out the kinks we had a functioning system in the morning. After a quick breakfast and some much needed coffee we were off to the base. It was not long into the assembly of the FAU-Boat II did problems arise. The joystick which receives pilot input for steering and the dead man switch malfunctioned beyond repair. At this time we started to implement plan B. Plan B was to steer the submarine’s rear fins thru a series of cables. We also had to fabricate a deadman switch.
Not long after lunch we had what seemed to be a functioning system. Although it became quickly apparent that the system we fabricated would require some serious modifications to be ready to race. We worked feverously to get the submarine in the water, but all attempts were futile. While this happened Talon1 was still in the race queue. Talon1 had a series of steady runs by Nick Morley, Andrew Spence and Omar Ramos. The runs were fast and clean but still slower than our fastest run 6.62 knots).
We decided it would be best to load up FAU-Boat II in the trailer and bring it back to the Hotel. So here is where we sit as I write this post: One boat with a solid second (disputed 3rd place but we will see how the judges rule) and a broken boat sitting in a hotel parking lot. We will eat dinner are make another Home Depot run and keep working tonight until we have a World Record boat. WE ARE OWLS, we do not go and hide, no, we BURROW! We take a step back, we dig ourselves in, we take a little nap……..AND THEN WE FIGHT!
(I ran out of adjectives that start with M) Mike