And Talon1 crosses the finish line!

This morning the team was up and ready to race early. Not long after arriving at base Talon 1 passed the required inspections and was entered into the race queue. The first run of the day was by Omar Ramos, a new HPS member, this was his first run in the submarine. Omar took this run cautiously and had a smooth and straight run, his speed was 4.3 knots. Next up was another rookie to Human Powered Submarine racing, Jen Frame. Jen’s run was a straight arrow down the middle of the course. She piloted the submarine as if she was Courtney Force, her speed was 4.62. After a quick turn-around Talon 1 was back on the starting line with Omar Ramos back inside the submarine. Omar screamed down the course at 5.5 knots. This speed was the current course record! We had enough time to get one more run in for the day. Jen Frame took her second run, again she had a straight fast run. Right after Jen crossed the finish line she lost control of the steering and veered slightly into the wall. Her speed was 5.32 knots and the damage on the sub was minimal, It takes much more to take down this juggernaut. IMG_2540


Late in the day we had our design presentations to the judges. The judges were very impressed with the complexity and thoroughness of our design. All day while half of team was racing Talon 1 the other half was getting the FAU-Boat II ready to race. We have made great progress, and we hope to have the boat in the water Tuesday.
Other notable happenings include a thunderstorm this afternoon that forced us to stop working on the FAU-Boat II and take shelter into the basin. Simultaneously a fire occurred inside the basin that caused the lift that pulls the submarines in and out of the water to stop working. We learned today that in the event of a thunderstorm and a fire, the fire wins out. Until after 5pm we had to take shelter outside under our tent. Overall it was a fun, exciting day full of racing and building submarines.
-Mysterious Mike