11th International Submarine Races- Talon 1 Takes Absolute Speed

The last day of racing for the 11th International Submarine Races was this past Friday on July 1, 2011. It was an exciting day at the David Taylor Model Basin as every team was able to get their submarine into the water and attempt a run. In all, over 250 runs were attempted by 29 submarines by the end of the races.

FAU’s Talon 1 had been fighting for the top speed with rival boat Omer 8 from Ecole de Technologie Superieure all week.  At the end of racing on Thursday, Talon 1 held the lead with 6.696 knots. Omer 8 held 6.509 knots.

The FAU team modified Talon 1 Friday morning in hopes to gain speed. During the first run of the day, the driver’s foot unclipped from the pedals but Talon 1 still finished the course. The second run of the day, Talon 1 surfaced almost immediately and did not complete the course.  After removing the modifications made earlier in the day, Talon 1 raced for a third time and completed the course. The speed of this run was withheld until the awards ceremony.

Omer 8 made several successful runs during the day. In particular, Omer 8 made a run at the end of the day that looked very fast. The speed of this run by Omer 8 was also withheld until the awards ceremony. The FAU team was excited and anxious as racing came to a close and the top speed of the race had not been announced.

After individual team racing ended, the United States Naval Academy challenged FAU to a drag race. FAU’s Talon1 raced side-by-side against the Naval Academy’s Mighty Mid. Earlier in the week, the Mighty Mid set a new record for fastest speed of a two man, non propeller submarine at 6.100 knots. Talon 1 won the challenge. The Naval Academy won the Best Spirit of the Races Award which is given out to the team that displays the best gusto, fortitude, support to the other teams, and overall best spirit.  

After the teams packed up and prepared their subs to return home, the Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division hosted an Awards Banquet. At the awards ceremony, it was announced that FAU’s Talon 1 had the top speed of the 11th International Submarine Races at 6.814 knots! FAU was awarded the Absolute Speed Award, Fastest Speed by Category (one man, propelled), Smooth Operator Award, and 2nd place in Overall Performance. The Smooth Operator Award recognizes efficiency in staging for the race course, racing the course, troubleshooting as necessary, and otherwise preparing for their next run. The FAU team members that were in attendance at the Awards Ceremony are pictured below with the trophy and certificates.

The FAU team is very proud of the performance at the races and expects to return to the 12th International Submarine Races in 2 years. We would like to thank all of the students unable to attend the race, the FAU College of Engineering, and the sponsors for their support. Photos and videos will be uploaded soon.