11th International Submarine Races

The 11th International Submarine Races (ISR) started this week on June 27th and they will continue through Friday, July 21st.  The ISR is hosted by the Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division (NSWCCD), the Naval Sea Systems Command, and the Office of Naval Research. The FAU team arrived at the NSWCCD in Bethesda, MD, on Monday morning and spent the day preparing the submarine and the team members to race.

The photo below was taken by Bill O’Leary and published in The Washington Post. The photo depicts the FAU Human Powered Submarine Team preparing Talon 1 (our one-manned, propelled submarine) to race down the 100 meter course in the David Taylor Model Basin.

The FAU team was able to get in the water on Tuesday and team member Everett Jones accomplished  6.231 knots! When racing ended Tuesday, FAU’s Talon 1 had achieved the top speed of the race so far. When racing began Wednesday, Talon 1 lost the top speed of the race when Omer 8, a submarine from Ecole de Technologie Superieure, achieved a speed of 6.437 knots. Talon 1 raced again and Everett Jones achieved a new top speed of 6.509 knots. During one of the last runs of the day, Omer 8 raced again and achieved the same speed of 6.509 knots. At the end of racing on Wednesday, Talon 1 and Omer 8 were tied for the top speed.

It has been an exciting race so far with some very good competition! Today, the team will continue racing Talon 1 in hopes to achieve an even faster time. Our faculty advisor Dr. Edgar An will also be in attendance. Racing will continue today until 5:00 PM and tomorrow until 4:30 PM. The award ceremony is Friday at 6:00 PM. Awards are given for overall performance, innovation, absolute speed, best use of composites, fastest speed by category, best design outline, best spirit of the races, and smooth operator award.