103 Days until ISR begins!

CIMG3232 It’s about that time again, where not only Talon 1 but also our NEW FAU-Boat II will make their way North to Maryland with the Team to this summer’s International Submarine Race to Break the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD and become number 1….. in both categories!

Currently there are 103 more days…..

This seems like a lot to time, but our team is currently over hauling Talon 1 while building our BRAND NEW 2 Man Submarine with all the electronic bells and whistles.

Currently 5 new electronic based systems are half way completed and we can’t wait to get them finished. Additionally there is a new design underway as well. I’d love to tell you about them but I’d much rather they would be a surprise to our competition.

Watch out, we are going to be breaking records just like in our past time to become #1!

So come join us in making history already & get involved!