Scuba Diving in the Jungle, The Buford Sink


At the Bottom of the Sink looking up at the opening

The day after the Hernando Beach Regatta Steve Barton took us to Buford Sink for a scuba dive in the jungle. Located within Chassahowitzka Wildlife Management Area in Hernando County we went down to about 85′ but the sink slants off to 165′ The link, below describes the link in detail…

Mike Emanuel’s Buford Sink Diving Page

To access the sink we had to lug our gear on foot down a about a mile long trail. The last 100 yards of the trail is swamp so with dive tanks and all we had to plod from through most of us slipping into the knee deep and beyond muck.

Diving down into the cavern was an incredible experience. If this was the whole purpose of our trip to Hernando Beach we all agreed it would of been worth it. Technically it’s probably a cave dive but it wasn’t any more dangerous than a typical ocean dive.

In the end we were so grateful for the adventure Steve guided us on.

Most of the pictures below are of the trek to the sink. Though we do have some video at the end.


Sitting on a log above the entrance to the Buford Sink

After a long drive into the park we unload…


Steve and Wyatt parked at the beginning of the trail. No motorized vehicles are allowed so so all the scuba gear has to be carried in on foot.


Steve Barton with his walking stick. We walked in about 15 minutes to the swamp.


The Tony wheel burrowing the Scuba tanks and flushing up the mosquitoes for the guys behind…


Even with a wheel barrow 6 filled scuba tanks are still pretty heavy…


Into the Jungle!


This picture is deliberately blurred.
I Ain’t Sceered


Down the trail to the beginning of the swamp. We don’t have any pictures of the swamp crossing as it took everything we had to hop from one Cyprus tree to the next with all the scuba gear…


At 1st we thought we were along but we soon found it was not the case.
Corn Snake?


Corn snakes and alligators don’t seem to bother Steve Barton…


Mike Denny and Dan Luvisi getting their gear on…


It’s hard to see but there is a small alligator at the top of the picture in the water


Below Mike Perry is the entrance of the Buford Sink


Another snake with person picture…


Four guys and an alligator…




Movie of the Trek in
At the Sink
LookingUp_icon Movie of one of the Dives (348 MB)